Homemade Hot Dog & Hamburger Buns

We’re going to go bold here and say that if there’s food known as being all-American, it’s hot dogs and...

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June 27, 2019 3 min read

We’re going to go bold here and say that if there’s food known as being all-American, it’s hot dogs and hamburgers. From an early age, these two dishes become synonymous with backyard barbecues, baseball games and nights spent around the campfire.

So, for how important these two snacks are in our history of cuisine, it’s unfortunate how often we sacrifice the full experience for chalky, less-than-appetizing buns. If you want to go all out for the best possible hot dog and hamburger culinary experience, homemade buns are the way to go. Our recipe is simple and takes just a bit of pre-planning but the extra effort is worth it. Plus, it makes for a great kid-friendly activity to do on a rainy day. Extra points if you make a bunch and freeze them before baking!

To learn how to make homemade hot dog and hamburger buns, watch this tutorial video with our online pastry program chef and he’ll walk you through each step.


Bread flour 250g/100%
Milk 175g/70%
Sugar 17.5g/ 7%
Kosher salt 5g/ 2%
Vegetable oil 25g/ 10%
Instant yeast 5g/ 2%


1. Combine all ingredients and mix on low speed for 4 minutes using the dough hook. Mix for another 4 minutes on higher speed. Round the dough and place in a stainless steel bowl, cover with plastic and let rest for 2-3 hours or until doubled in volume.
2. Remove fermented dough from bowl and cut into 6, 75-80g pieces. Round the pieces. Cover with plastic and let rest for 5 minutes. Prepare some egg wash.
3. Take one of the rounds and press it flat. Bring the top down ? of the way to the center. Turn the dough around and repeat with the other side. Seal the dough with your thumb along the seam. Seal the dough again along the seam with the heel of your hand. With the palm of your hand press the rounds into cylinders about 6 inches long. Cover with plastic and let rest a couple more minutes. Continue to stretch the cylinder out to about 7 inches long (depending on how long your hot dogs or sausages are). Place the 6 buns on a parchment lined ½ sheet pan. Spray the buns lightly with pan spray. Cover with plastic and place another sheet pan of the same size on top of the buns. Let ferment until doubled in volume and width. It may take up to 2 hours.
4. After proofing, remove top sheet pan and plastic. Egg wash the buns and bake at 375°F for about 15 minutes or until desired color is reached. Cool on a wire rack. Slice lengthwise to serve.
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