March 23, 2016

Simple, elegant and absolutely delicious, the egg yolk ravioli is one of the culinary world’s many wonders. Homemade pasta and a simple egg yolk filling makes this dish’s simplicity seem ultra gourmet. The only trick is to have patience, soft hands and a delicate touch to avoid the yolks from breaking. Otherwise, this dish can be yours. See how our culinary school chef works the homemade pasta dough using a pasta maker, carefully places the egg yolks in the middle, even more carefully encloses the ravioli and gently boils it till the pasta is cooked and the center is still soft. Once you’ve made your own egg yolk ravioli, you’ll have these on a constant recipe rotation.

Learn how to make homemade egg yolk ravioli in this video tutorial. This dish embodies perfectly the philosophies of Escoffier when he stated that the best food is the simplest, freshest food.


Egg Yolk Ravioli Recipe


As Needed Pasta Dough

5 ea Egg Yolks

As Needed Egg Wash

5 ea Parsley Leaves

 Egg yolk ravioli recipe ingredients


Roll pasta to desired thickness on floured surface, cut into sheets

Place egg yolk on pasta sheet and paint with egg wash

Homemade ravioli stuffed with egg yolk

Lay a second pasta sheet on top of egg yolk and seal both sheets together using egg wash

Cut ravioli to desired shape

Egg yolk ravioli and pesto sauce

Boil ravioli for 1 minute to cook pasta

*Garnish with your favorite sauce, cherry tomatoes, and parmesan curls

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