4 Must-Visit Coffee Shops In Austin

Austin is home to plenty of unique coffeehouses, with daring blends and other comforts and amenities. 

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September 11, 2015 4 min read
Austin is home to many unique coffee shops.

Austin is home to many unique coffee shops.

Perhaps more than almost any other beverage – save for water – coffee has permeated much of our shared culture. While some folks start their day with a nice cup of Joe, others rely on it as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. That’s especially true given the sheer number of coffee shops that now occupy many towns and cities in America. Austin, Texas is one such city with a noticeable love of fresh brews. Across this capitol city, you’ll find exciting and daring takes on coffee, facilitated in part by graduates from Austin culinary school.

Regardless of the time of day, be sure to check out these truly happening coffee spots in Austin:

Houndstooth CoffeeOver the last several years, this coffee shop has earned praise as a destination for true coffee aficionados. Houndstooth grows its own beans, allowing it to control not only the unique flavors of each variety but the company’s overall environmental footprint. That same commitment extends to the baristas, with each server receiving training based on national guidelines that ensures they serve only the highest quality ingredients. The end result is delicious coffee every time, whether it’s an Americano, espresso, iced latte or one of several other rotating varieties. Can’t make it to the actual shop? Houndstooth will send a barista to your office for a one-on-one consultation to choose your own Houndstooth blend.

Cenote: On the one hand, Cenote – located in East Austin – is one of the easier shops to find in the city. Just look out for the giant octopus – which doubles as a bike rack – in front of the bright, recently converted townhouse. The shop fancies itself as a combination bar, restaurant and coffeehouse, but it’s serving Joe that’s landed staff the most attention. That’s no doubt thanks to the sheer quality they pour into each component of the coffee. Cenote uses a rotating lineup of Cuvee and Handsome beans, noted for their robustness and intriguing flavors, in addition to crafting its own lineup of specialty syrups. From the bubbly Cortado to the frozen delight that is the Cold Medina, Cenote marries playfulness with incredible coffee.

Flightpath Coffeehouse: On its website, Flightpath distinguishes itself from other coffee shops by promoting a distinct lack of events. There are no poetry slams, live musicians, standup comedy events or open mic nights. Instead, this shop is all about developing a quiet and intimate environment, where patrons can enjoy a great book and a nice cup of coffee. Flightpath uses only Texas Coffee Traders, a local coffee roasting company that sells several unique blends, including huckleberry, flathead cherry and blueberry. Since no mug of Joe is complete without a little bite to eat, Flightpath also serves a number of food options. That includes sandwiches, muffins, cinnamon buns, quiche and cake – all provided by local vendors each day.

Epoch Coffee: As defined by the dictionary, an epoch is a distinctive period in one’s life. That’s an especially apt name for this small, local chain, which has locations in both the North Loop and The Village. Epoch is the kind of shop that emphasizes long visits, with their massive tables perfect for either a large group gathering or those who will spend their days working remotely. Of course, often what’s keeping people in their seats is Epoch’s signature coffee blends. The menu includes lots of standby drinks – like espresso, iced mocha and latte – plus several kinds of Mexican coffee, which has a more distinct aroma and sharpness as compared to other blends. Looking for something to nosh on? Epoch serves homemade empanadas and pizza from East Side Pie.

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