August 27, 2014

Taking a trip to beer campColorado Culinary school students are about to have access to a lot more beer.

Avery Brewing Company received some great news from the city of Boulder, Colorado on Tuesday, Aug. 19, as the city manager approved a handful of incentivized rebates for the restaurant. The rebates, which could total up to $90,000, are expected to help the brewery as they continue work on a new establishment to match their explosion of growth over the past few years.

The rebates from the city are a result of the money Avery Brewing Company has already spent on its construction. According to the Daily Camera, the city incentivized growth of local businesses by introducing a flexible rebate program. In short, the program provides refunds for common expenses incurred by expansion of businesses so long as those businesses can prove that they’re creating additional employment opportunities. The city allotted a total of $350,000 for the program in 2013, $90,000 of which is now in the pockets of Avery management.

Avery has been expanding considerably for the past year and a half. Founded in 1993, Avery Brewing Company has operated out of a 25,000 square foot facility located at 5763 Arapahoe Avenue for over two decades. Several years ago, though, they hit capacity in that facility and began work on a new headquarters.

The new facility, which is under construction at 4910 Nautilus Court, sits on more than 5 acres of land and will house a nearly 96,000 square foot brewery. It’s estimated that the company will employ roughly 150 people after construction, representing a 50 percent increase over their current staff, and making a strong argument for the city rebate they received.

To offer perspective on how major an upgrade this will be for Avery, the current facility can produce nearly 50,000 barrels of beer a year. Early estimates indicate that the new brewery will have the capacity to produce almost 350,000 barrels annually, catalyzing new employment opportunities and providing a huge boon to Avery’s bottom line. It is estimated that Avery Brewing Company will operate at a volume of roughly 100,000 barrels a year after opening.