December 29, 2014

donutExpansion is key to the success of any restaurant franchise. Simply put, if your establishment continues to exceed its goals in terms of both revenue and innovation, you’ll eventually require more space in order to continue your growth. Colorado culinary school students may have noticed that this has been the case, as of late, with popular coffee and doughnuts franchises bearing the Dunkin’ Donuts label. The restaurant has been on a push to find new franchisee’s in Colorado, and it seems that the company is experiencing quite a bit of a success.

According to Restaurant News, Dunkin’ Donuts has recently introduced plans for four new restaurants to be developed in Colorado. Throughout its calls for franchisees (backing investors with an interest in helping the restaurants through their respective start up periods) the company has come to find Brian “Gib” Long in the Western Slope and George Hart and Mark Waldmann in Pueblo. Long will be opening his first DD location in 2015 with the second coming in several years. The pairing of Waldmann and Hart will have both of their establishments opened by 2016.

Of course, it’s rare that any restaurant venture comes without direct competition, and this is particularly true in the case of chain eateries. In Pueblo, specifically, the two new Dunkin’ Donuts franchises will be rivaled by two other restaurants. Chieftain reports that Daylight Donuts will be opening its second location in Pueblo at 3606 Morris Avenue. Also, Amy’s Donuts, a popular start-up donut venture that began in Colorado Springs, will be opening its sophomore effort in Pueblo shortly. Time will tell if the townspeople prefer DD to these two smaller chains.