June 16, 2014

General Mills launches protein-packed cerealGeneral Mills released the new Cheerios Protein cereal to attract to a more health-centric consumer population.

According to Bloomberg, the cereal contains 11 grams of protein with milk and seven grams when no milk is added. The new cereal has double the protein of regular Cheerios. It contains oats and granola-like clusters.

“Consumers are looking for more protein options,” General Mills spokesman Mike Siemienas told Bloomberg. “And we are offering an easy breakfast solution that provides long-lasting energy while also curbing hunger and making them feel full.”

Cold cereal is one of the most common breakfast foods, and as a result companies are looking for ways to make it healthier and more attractive to those who have restrictive diets.

One thing that was not mentioned by General Mills when it announced Cheerios Protein is that the product now has 16 grams of sugar per serving, an increase of 1 gram, according to Pioneer Press. As a result of federal regulatory rules, service sizes of Cheerios Protein are 25 percent larger than services on regular Cheerios.