October 30, 2015
The Sustainable Food Center stresses the importance of eating local and supporting local artisans.

The Sustainable Food Center stresses the importance of eating local and supporting local artisans.

Twice a year for the past eight years, the Sustainable Food Center partners with Austin Mexican restaurant La Condesa for the SFC Chef Series. The Austin culinary arts scene is booming with many talented chefs based here who are honored to participate. The next event is Nov. 15 and will feature chefs Nathan Lemley of Parkside, Rick Lopez of La Condesa, Tim Love of Lonesome Dove, Amanda Rockman of South Congress Hotel, Eric Silverstein of Peached Tortilla and Jacob Weaver of Juliet Ristorante.

These creative and renowned chefs will use ingredients from the SFC Farmer’s Market, local farms, and area suppliers to create a multi course tasting menu complete with drink pairings. This evening is long and leisurely, allowing everyone to make the most of their experience. This series’s theme will be flavors unique to Austin and Central Texas.

The chefs who participate in the SFC Chef Series enjoy a more laid-back atmosphere than their regular hectic kitchen. Nobody is in charge on these evenings and they’re able to relax and collaborate while putting together an exquisite meal for all of their customers.

La Condesa is a natural host of the SFC Chef Series, because serving farm-fresh and locally sourced food to their patrons on the regular is a priority of owner Jesse Herman. Supporting Austin’s local economy and businesses is important to him.

Past themes of the SFC Chef Series have been “Spring Bounty,” celebrating local spring harvests and “Autumn Harvest.” Local foodies love the opportunity to try a variety of dishes by so many different famous local chefs and a lot of them are regulars at the SFC Chef Series.

All proceeds from the SFC Chef Series will benefit the Sustainable Food Center. This organization was founded in 1993 as Austin Community Gardens. Their mission is to “cultivate a healthy community by strengthening the local food system and improving access to nutritious, affordable food.” In addition to the SFC Chef Series, the Sustainable Food Center runs the Grow Local Program, the Farm Direct Program, and The Happy Kitchen Program.

Table tickets for this round of the SFC Chef Series are sold out, but individual seats are on sale for $150. Get them while you still can and make sure you show up hungry!