April 1, 2015
French bistro Best cities to live in

Both Austin and Boulder made it on Telegraph Today’s “10 Best Cities To Live In The United States.” Taking things like booming job market, affordability and cultural activities in mind, Telegraph Today agrees that both of our campus locations are the perfect locale to begin your career in the culinary arts.

From the beautiful weather and dozens of parks in Austin to the relaxed living and unmatched miles of mountain trails in Boulder, you can’t go wrong with either choice.

Study at Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts and gain access to the thriving restaurant scene and rapidly evolving industry that both Austin and Boulder have to offer!


Cassandra Mauceri“Every morning I wake up, I stretch and say ‘Thank goodness I live in Austin,’” said Cassandra Mauceri, a culinary arts graduate from the Austin campus. “It’s a city that is welcoming to people…and I’ve never met such nice, kindhearted and genuine people in my life.”


Jaime PepperAttending culinary school in Boulder was amazing,” said Jaime Pepper, culinary arts graduate and staff member at the esteemed Paris Club in Chicago, IL. “The town and the people are fantastic. I’m very happy with my decision to leave Illinois to study in Boulder and now I have a new perspective and a more open mind.” 


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