November 19, 2015
Celebrate National Doughnut Day any day you want!

Celebrate National Doughnut Day any day you want!

Whether you’re a fan of a quick, greasy doughnut or a gourmet beignet, the Boulder area has everything you need to fulfill that craving. What’s a better way to end a long day at work or Boulder culinary school than with a fresh deep-fried pastry and a hot cup of coffee? Here are some of Boulder’s premier doughnut establishments:

Lucky’s Bakehouse & Creamery
3990 Broadway St., Boulder

If you’re stopping by Lucky’s Market, do yourself a favor and pay a visit to the Bakehouse & Creamery. The presentation is unmatched, with rows of interesting looking cupcakes, doughnuts, croissants and tarts. You’ll have a hard time just picking one treat. Lucky’s offers a large assortment of gluten-free, paleo and vegan options so everyone can satiate their sweet tooth.

LaMar’s Donuts
133 McCaslin Blvd., Louisville

LaMar’s Donuts is a 55-year old small franchise with a small-town feel, with 27 locations scattered across six states. It offers a large selection of original doughnuts, cake doughnuts and crullers, as well as specialty doughnuts like bismarks, knots, bars, fritters and cinnamon rolls. LaMar’s opens at 5 a.m. Monday through Saturday so even the earliest of risers can start their day with a cup of coffee and their favorite doughnut.

Naked Lunch
3301 Arapahoe Ave., Ste E166, Boulder

Naked Lunch is only about a year old and is actually known for its sandwiches. This little shop in an apartment complex has some fantastic doughnuts, though. Naked Lunch takes pride in their seasonal, local and organic ingredients. Its doughnut and pastry selection always changes, so if you have something you like, don’t hesitate to get more than one, because it might not be available next time you show up.

Tee & Cakes
1932 14th St., Boulder

This quaint little bakery only offers their famous doughnuts on Fridays, but don’t worry, there’ll be something for you every other day of the week too. Whether you’re craving something sweet like a cute cakepop or something savory like cheddar biscuits, Tee & Cakes has you covered. Its French macarons are a hit, with flavor options like bacon, coconut lime, lemon violet, vanilla bean, peanut butter pretzel, raspberry and salted chocolate. The macarons are gluten-free and many other options are as well.

2124 14th Street, Boulder

How can we talk about doughnuts in Boulder without mentioning Lucile’s famous beignets? These New Orleans-style doughnuts are served fresh and hot, and there’s no shame in devouring a few before you even begin your meal. Lucile’s even offers it’s warm banana beignets topped with vanilla ice cream, syrup and pecans. Are you hungry yet?