April 27, 2015

mothers dayPerhaps the inspiration to attend Colorado culinary school came to you from studying your mom’s cooking endeavors. Many people look up to their mothers for cooking nutritious, tasty meals even after working a long day and taking care of things around the house. To give back to your mom, here are some great cooking-related gifts for Mother’s Day:

A KitchenAid mixer
We think gifts should be functional and fun, but not necessarily something we would buy for ourselves. Your mom may have been pining over a mixer for years and never given in and bought one for herself. Or, she may have one but it’s the same device that’s been in your kitchen for 10 or more years and it’s time for an upgrade. You can get a KitchenAid mixer in great color options that match your mom’s decor, or choose one that stands out if you think your mother would enjoy this look. A mixer is a gift that continues to give, allowing your mom to expand her baking and cooking capabilities and making many recipes easier and quicker. You can even purchase refurbished mixers straight from the company that look brand new but are less pricey. If your mother already has a mixer, consider getting her some fun attachments, like an ice cream maker or pasta kit to broaden her mixing capabilities.

Le Creuset cookware
A lot of moms spend their money on everything but themselves. They claim to have everything they want and need and don’t often splurge on something they would enjoy but don’t have to have. This is where you can come in. Le Creuset cookware is the creme de la creme of pots and pans. They are made of cast iron but much easier to clean because of their entirely enameled interior and exterior. The outsides come in a plethora of colors, from fiery orange to sky blue, and the insides are sand-colored, making it easy to keep an eye on your food to make sure it’s not burning. The most popular item is the Dutch oven, which comes in a variety of sizes so your mom can make a small pot pie or a huge batch of soup. People have been known to use Le Creuset cookware for 40 to 60 years – talk about durable. These are investment pieces that will last for ages and be in good condition for many years to come.

A spice rack
Many families devote an entire cabinet or shelf to hold their massive collection of spices. With the many different sizes and shapes of the containers they come in, these spices can be difficult to find when stored in such a hodge-podge way. An easy (and aesthetically pleasing) way to take care of this? Get a spice rack. If you know someone who does woodworking, consider asking them to customize a piece for you to hold miniature jars of spices, like a 2 foot by 1 foot shelving unit. Turn the spice jars into drawers by adding handles to their lids to make it easy to remove them from the unit. This will look good on the counter and free up space in your pantry. You could also try a spinning spice rack that can be purchased at any home goods store. These often come with a set of spices and don’t take up a lot of counter space. Plus, your mom’s spice cabinet probably has some members that have been around for longer than they should be. Toss the ones that are past their expiration dates to be sure her dishes are tasting nice and fresh.