May 2, 2018

Searching for the perfect summer dessert? Look no further than this white chocolate and blackberry mousse. With the perfect balance of sweet and tangy, this light and fresh confection offers a fruity alternative to a traditional mousse while a homemade creme anglaise adds an element of richness. Top yours with homemade whipped cream, fresh blackberries and mint for a simple summer dessert that’s perfect for dinner parties, backyard barbecues and picnics.

Crème Anglaise Ingredients
1 cup heavy cream
2 egg yolks
1/3 cup sugar
¼ tsp vanilla

Crème Anglaise Directions
1. In a medium saucepan, bring the cream to a scald. In a separate bowl, whisk the egg yolks and sugar together until thick and creamy. Temper the sugar and egg yolk into the cream slowly and a little at a time, whisking constantly to avoid lumps. Return the mixture to the stove and cook until it starts to steam, slightly bubble, and thicken slightly.

Mousse Ingredients
8 oz white chocolate, melted
2 ½ tsp gelatin powder
3 tbsp water
! cup blackberry puree (add 1 teaspoon of sugar if too tangy)
1 qt heavy cream
1 cup sugar

Mousse Directions
1. Whip the heavy cream and sugar to a soft peak and set aside. Add the water to the gelatin to soften. While the Crème Anglaise is warm, add the softened gelatin, white chocolate and room temperature blackberry puree. Set aside to cool slightly. Fold ¼ of the whipped cream into the just warm Crème Anglaise mixture and then gently fold in the remaining whipped cream. Portion and chill before serving. The mousse may be chilled until firm and then piped.

Makes about 15 servings