March 31, 2015
Where do you look for the best bread in Texas?

Where do you look for the best bread in Texas?

Bread is at the absolute core of our food consumption. Sandwiches, rolls, stuffing – countless dishes involve this basic staple and hardly a day goes by that we don’t consume at least a small amount of it (unless, of course, you’re doing the whole low carb thing). While bread is a common commodity all across the globe, few people are as aware of its merits than students of chef schools in Texas. Whether they’re sopping up barbecue sauce with a piece of white bread or layering smoked pastrami on marble rye, these individuals have access to an incredible amount of great bakeries to choose their bread from. If you’re looking for the perfect side to complement your next culinary endeavor or are simply passing through the Lone Star State and hoping to find something delicious, here are a few places to look for the best bread in Texas:

Barrie Cullinan
Admittedly, Barrie Cullinan is a person and not a place. Nonetheless, Cullinan has firmly solidified herself as part of the center of the Texas baked goods scene, and it’s largely due to her incredible bread. According to Edible Austin, Cullinan did her training at Balthazar Bakery in New York City and then made the decision to move to Texas, settling in Austin. Since then, she has gained notoriety for her wonderful bread by providing loaves to restaurants such as the East Side Showroom, Dai Due and Second Bar Kitchen. In fact, her baked goods became so popular that she has opened up a commercial space in which she cooks fresh loaves each day – orders can be placed online.

Throughout a career that has spanned nearly 20 years, the two owners and chefs at BreadHaus have come to be known amongst Texas’ culinary elite, and with good reason. According to Dallas Magazine, Petra and Mark Lively began the bakery in the mid 1990s. Though they ran a much smaller operation at that point , they have expanded several times as demand for their delicious products has grown. They now serve a wide variety of different breads including several European varieties. Multiple sources recommend trying the German Vollkorn Rye, and make sure that you grab a German bread pretzel while you’re there too!

Empire Baking Company
Another favorite of Dallas residents is Empire Baking Company, which you can find at 5350 West Lovers Lane. D Magazine has also reported that Empire was started by Robert and Meaders Ozarow in the early 1990s. The two men pride themselves on the fact that their bakery uses only all natural flour and non-processed ingredients in order to create a bread with more nutritional value and a deeper, more complex flavor profile. If you find yourself in Dallas and have a few minutes to kill, come sample one of the incredible varieties on display at Empire Baking Company.