February 16, 2017
Play around with nachos toppings to find the best flavor combination.

When spring and summer roll around in a few months’ time, people will leave behind the shelter of indoors for parks, sports stadiums and other sunny locales.As people enjoy life outside once again, they’re going to need something to eat, and what better choice than nachos?

Whether served with beef or chicken or more traditionally with chips as the sole focus, nachos are the perfect versatile treat. Plus, culinary graduates can practice their skills by assembling these nuanced little plates of cheesy goodness.

Here are five tips to consider as you nail down your very own nacho recipe:

1. Go crazy with the cheese
Some people rely almost exclusively on a cheese sauce for their nachos. Even if you hand-craft your own sauce, it’s not going to be enough, and the resulting nachos can feel one-sided. That’s why you want to add something like shredded cheddar or Colby – these provide some much-needed texture to balance all that sauce. And feel free to experiment by shredding other cheeses based on flavor or spiciness.

“Always layer your nachos to ensure a proper mixture of flavors.”

2. Always layer your nachos 
If you’re inexperienced with making nachos, you might simply pile your ingredients (cheese, sour cream, chili peppers, meat, etc.) atop your chips. That’s a rookie mistake that’s going to lead to a heartbreaking plate. Instead, take a layered approach to your nachos. It’ll ensure not only a proper mixture of various flavors, but you’ll also avoid chips that wind up sans toppings.

3. Contemplate your choice of chips
While you might spend a lot of your time thinking about the cheese or steak atop your nachos, Bon Appetit recommended alloting enough time to choose perfect chips. If you go with something that’s too thin and crispy, it might crumble under the weight of your toppings, and that’s a party foul you want to avoid. Instead, choose something that’s nice and heavy, which can make all the difference in ensuring a proper taste experience.

4. Plan ahead with your layers
Generally speaking, the foundations of your nachos should be the cheese and chips. Once those are layered, you have to consider the order of the remaining ingredients. Beans can go third, as they offer a layer of protection for the cheese. From there, your sour cream and guacamole go next, as they’re intended to be more finishing touches. Finally, consider additions like scallion and cilantro to add an extra dash of zest or freshness.

5. Have fun during nacho assembly 
In assembling their perfect nachos, the folks at The Thrillist explained it’s a matter of balancing creativity and authenticity. While you could use traditional refried beans, you’d be better off spicing them up with Peruano or black beans. Or just add some onion and garlic to enhance the flavor. As for the meat, why not use authentic Mexican selections like pork cracklings, chorizo, stewed chicken or beef stomach? That way, you’re experimenting with flavors while respecting the simple and delicious origins of the nacho dish.

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