5 Tips For Whipping Up Wonderful Waffles

The best waffles should be made with precision and the right ingredients. 

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March 1, 2017 3 min read

Pair your homemade waffles with fresh fruit. When it comes to beloved breakfast staples, there is perhaps no more celebrated dish than waffles (except for light and fluffy pancakes, that is).

In the past, we’ve shared a few essential tips to making perfect waffles, like the importance of of choosing the right iron – always consider the size and any extra bells and whistles – and how to properly use both butter and oil. However, there is more to mastering the art of waffle making, essential tips that can make a great breakfast truly memorable.

Here, then, are five more tips to consider when it’s waffle time:

1. Follow the steam
Depending on the waffle maker you’re using, there may not be a light for doneness. In the case, you’ll just have to watch out for steam coming from the maker. As soon as the steam stops filtering out, the waffles should be the perfect level of doneness. It won’t always be the most accurate gauge, but this is something else to watch for as you monitor the waffles.

“Always be sure to separate your egg whites and yolks when making waffles.”

2. Separate yolk from egg
As a rule, egg yolks are an essential part of any proper waffle. However, it’s still a good idea to separate the yolks and the eggs. You can beat the egg yolks and then add them to the rest of your wet ingredients (butter, milk, etc.) From there, beat the whites until they begin to stiffen. You can then add the whites back into the batter, and the result will be much lighter and fluffier waffles overall.

3. Try vegetable oil instead
People often assume that butter is another must-have ingredient for tasty waffles. However, you can often add vegetable oil instead. As She Knows explained, waffles with a lot of fat are often more flavorful. Plus, as an added bonus, vegetable oil can create much thinner waffles, and in turn these are extra crispy compared to those made with butter or shortening.

4. Opt for the oven
If you have the right waffle maker, and you pay close enough attention, you can have perfect waffles in no time. However, some chefs opt for another step in the waffle making process: cooking the finished waffles in an oven. Why the extra work? As it turns out, the oven is a way to create even crispier waffles, so long as you don’t overcook anything. About 10 minutes at 250 degrees Fahrenheit should be enough to get that extra bit of crispiness you want.

5. Experiment freely
As Bon Appetit explained, so many people assume that waffles are a sweet breakfast treat. Thus they add in chocolate chips and pile on the whipped cream. However, waffles are just as tasty when you opt for a more savory option. You can add in or pair everything from chicken and ham to shallots, garlic and roasted vegetables. The point is to experiment with different flavor options and make the most out of waffles.

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