April 14, 2015

Austin's food truck scene is getting a new addition: the GoodLife Food Park.Food trucks are everywhere these days. Their history is long, as mobile food vendors have always been around. Recently,  though, there has been a spike in the number of food trucks joining the streets. IBIS World’s market research shows that between 2010-2015, the number of food trucks grew by 9.3 percent in the United States.

Some of that growth has happened in the Colorado area, as Boulder culinary arts students know first-hand. During days filled with many culinary classes, it’s both helpful and convenient to stop at a food truck and grab meals prepared in little time.

Boulder also has the distinction being one of Forbes’ five secret food areas. That means there are some excellent food trucks around the city to visit. One of the best ways to keep tabs on what’s new or where food trucks are located is through social media.

Cheese Louise
Sometimes, the best food is the simple stuff. That’s where Cheese Louise drives up. Specializing in grilled cheese, its menu is small but packed with sandwiches that contain much more than a few slices of cheese. ‘We Be Hammin?,’ for instance, contains Swiss cheese, Black Forest ham, sweet purple onions and spicy mustard. Its sandwiches are playfully made and delicious.

McDevitt Taco Supply
Tacos are the perfect food for mobile vendors. They’re easy to make and even easier for customers to eat on the go. It’s no surprise that McDevitt Taco Supply has become the go-to for tacos, with two mobile carts in Boulder: one stationed on Pearl Street and the other by Sanitas Brewery, both about 10 minutes from a Boulder culinary arts school. Customers have the option to choose from four options: chicken, pork, vegan and the daily special. All tacos are topped with red onion, avocado-tomatillo salsa and cilantro.

The menu of this food truck is constantly changing, depending on the seasonal offerings from farmers, as Heirloom uses all its ingredients from local producers. Some offerings from its sample menu include a caprese salad, shrimp po’boy with coleslaw, lamb slider served with muenster cheese, sweet potato threads and curried onion jam. Keep an eye on its Facebook page for location updates and hours.

The Tasterie Truck
Another menu that is changing by the week depending on the season, not that that’s a bad thing. Tasterie also offers desserts, made right in the truck. It strives to provide foods from a wide variety of different cultures. Some options from its current menu: a Thai pork bowl served over basmati rice, shrimp and sausage grits and a meatloaf sandwich made with a hint of Guinness. Customers will want to check its daily schedule out, and also keep an eye out for any changes.