November 14, 2016

Want to know what it takes to be a top chef? Just ask Curtis Duffy, chef and owner of the 3 Michelin starred restaurant Grace in Chicago. Sacrifice, hard work and humility are top ingredients for the James Beard Award winner’s recipe for success in the culinary industry. In addition, he outlines a number of other important factors including a culinary education, a strong knowledge of your ingredients and where they come from as well as a constant openness to learn, adapt and change. See what advice Curtis Duffy has for being successful in your career path in this exclusive video for our culinary school.

Cook with Chef Curtis Duffy

Want to learn how to cook like a James Beard award winning chef? In this video, Curtis Duffy demonstrates how to make one of the dishes at his 3 Michelin Star restaurant, Grace, in Chicago. This crispy pig tail, chicharrón and braised endive is not only delicious, but styled perfectly so it resembles more a work of art than a main course