September 8, 2016

Want to learn how to cook like a James Beard award winning chef? In this video, Curtis Duffy demonstrates how to make one of the dishes at his 3 Michelin Star restaurant, Grace, in Chicago. This crispy pig tail, chicharr├│n and braised endive is not only delicious, but styled perfectly so it resembles more a work of art than a main course. To make the dish, Chef Duffy first braises pig tails until the meat tenderly falls off the bone. He then refines it and mixes it with other ingredients so that they may be formed into balls, resembling a meatball of sorts. The next step is to coat the pigtail balls in first gluten-free flour, second egg wash and third amaranth so then they may be fried to crispy perfection. In addition, the dish also contains delicately shaved cauliflower florets, a spiced cauliflower puree and braised purple Belgian endives, all the different elements harmoniously coming together to form a dish fit for a 3 star Michelin restaurant.

Learn how Curtis Duffy, our culinary school partner, prepares one of his high-end dishes in the tutorial video.