Citrus Gadgets

Check out these gadgets to help you get the most out of grapefruit and other tasty citrus.

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January 10, 2015 3 min read

Oranges, lemons and limes are tasty and can be used in many recipes. Check out these gadgets to get the most out of citrus fruit.As a part of the Austin culinary arts scene, you are likely to try using the Texas state fruit: grapefruit. Besides cutting it in half and eating the sections, there are many ways to eat this delicious ingredient. Check out these gadgets to help you get the most out of grapefruit and other tasty citrus:

When you are preparing a drink that requires extract, this simple tool is a must. Use it to add flavor to simple syrups, salad dressings, sauces and more. Ever made grapefruit-zest butter? It’s an innovative spin on an old-fashioned spread. Just add finely grated grapefruit rind to butter and mix. It’s delicious on pancakes. Some graters have multiple size holes, allowing you to select the optimal size for whatever you’re making.

Lemon wrap
This handy wrap is tied around a citrus fruit that has been halved. When you squeeze the fruit, the seeds stay in the wrap and out of your food. You can make your own with cheese cloth, or purchase one at a cooking store.

Whether you’re a health nut looking to get every drop of juicy goodness out of each vegetable in your refrigerator or you simply want a nice glass of fresh orange juice, there are plenty of options for juicers. For simple, citrus-only gadgets, try a hand juicer that can be slipped onto a bottle or over a glass for easy juice extraction. If a citrus fruit is only one part of your juice regimen, consider a larger and more complex juicer from a company like Cuisinart, Breville or Kitchenaid. There are also electric juicers made specifically for citrus that use pressure to get the liquid out of citrus fruit. If you often drink fresh-squeezed juice and aren’t a fan of doing it by hand, this might be your best bet.

Mist sprayer
This gadget looks like someone added a screw-in end to a sprayer from a hair product. Just cut the end off of a citrus fruit, screw in the nozzle and press for an easily-acquired spray of lemon, grapefruit or whatever citrus you prefer. This is perfect for adding a zesty flavor to salads. You can also use this device to spray a little bit of citrus juice on a cutting board after it has been cleaned. The juice has antibacterial properties and will make your house smell amazing.

Fruit infuser water bottle
Make your own fruit water with a bottle that has an infuser built in. These easy-to-use systems usually have a removable part that screws into the top to contain fruit of any kind. Just fill the bottle with water, fill the trap with oranges, limes, or any other fruit, screw that to the top and attach the top to the bottle. Let it sit for an hour and you’ve got your very own fruit-infused water. This is especially refreshing when you’re at the gym or the beach on a hot day. The fruit trap keeps little seeds and pulp from getting into your water but allows the flavor to pass through.

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