November 12, 2015
Pearl Street has plenty of great restaurants to offer alongside the scenic views.

Pearl Street has plenty of great restaurants to offer alongside the scenic views.

Pearl Street is downtown Boulder’s main thoroughfare. It’s thought to be named after the wife of one of Boulder’s 54 founders. In 1917, the stretch between 11th and 17th streets became the first paved street in the city. Throughout the years, the buildings on Pearl have been renovated and modernized, and in 1974, the blocks of 11th to 15th streets became the Downtown Boulder Mall and has since been known as the cultural heart of the city. While Pearl Street Mall has become the hub of the city, we can’t forget about the rest of the historic street that stretches all the way across the city.

Boulder culinary school students and residents alike find themselves on Pearl Street quite often. Is it possible to spend an entire day on the most bustling street in the city? Let’s find out.

You wake up early one Sunday morning, ready to take on the Pearl Street Challenge. Hungry for an omelet and thirsty for a mimosa, what are some of Pearl Street’s top breakfast or brunch hotspots?

That breakfast hit the spot, giving you the energy to shop until you drop. You’ve done a lot of shopping, but want to avoid dropping. It seems that you’re ready for lunch. You’re not sure if you’re feeling a nice deli sandwich or some Latin cuisine. Luckily, Pearl Street has both of those kinds of restaurants, plus some. What to choose?

You texted your friend about your Pearl Street Challenge and she thinks that sounds like fun. Even though you’re halfway done with the challenge, she wants to meet you for coffee or a snack and finish the day up with you. Where should you meet?

A long day of wandering the streets and experiencing the cuisine Pearl Street has to offer has left you tired … and surprisingly hungry! Where should you end the day?

Of course, this is just a small fraction of all of the wonderful eateries located along Pearl Street. What are some of your favorites?