September 22, 2016

A student seeking his or her cooking certificate online certainly spends a lot of time in the kitchen. With the small apartments in big cities like Boulder and Austin, there’s a pretty good chance that the cooking enthusiast is working with reduced with kitchen storage. Luckily, there are plenty of solutions, from creative placement to clever DIY solutions, that will come in handy for everyone.

You want to make sure your spices stay organized.You want to make sure your spices stay organized.

Add rollers
We all have those overflowing cabinets of toppling pots and pans or storage containers. They’re a headache to deal with because it seems that there’s just no way to organize them properly. However, simply installing rolling shelves can make all the difference. A shelf that rolls all the way out of the cabinet allows you to easily access those hard-to-reach pans in the back. No more leaning towers of pots or mounds of plastic containers tumbling out of the cabinet.

Floating shelves
Does your kitchen have an awkward wall that doesn’t seem to have any use? Maybe it’s too narrow to hang any decor on, or is too obstructed for you to attach a cabinet. The great thing about floating shelves is that no matter how small or awkward the space is, you’ll be able to squeeze a little more storage space. A narrow wall is great for storing appliances like your slow cooker or blender, while wider walls give you a whole world of new different options.

Hang your utensils
If you have just a few drawers, don’t waste that real estate on items that you can hang. Fix hooks to your wall, or even recycle an old pegboard if you’re hesitant to put holes in the wall. A wall of utensils will give your kitchen a fun, kitschy vibe, while also making it super convenient for you to grab what you need without having to dig through a messy drawer. Perfect for those hectic dinners where you seem to have 10 things cooking at once!

Magnetic spice jars
Not every kitchen accommodates the traditional spice rack. If your stove is next to your refrigerator, though, you can stick your spices right to it! Simply take the spices out of the store-bought containers and put them in matching jars with screw-top lids. If you can finds ones with magnetic lids, that’s even better! However, gluing a heavy-duty magnet to each lid works just as well. Label the bottoms so you know exactly what’s in the jar.

A mobile kitchen cart
Sometimes, you could use a little extra space while you’re cooking, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you always want a storage unit hanging around. For this situation, you can invest in a mobile kitchen cart that you can move all over the room, but you can push into the dining room when you don’t need it. Use it as extra counter space while you’re cooking, or store miscellaneous utensils in the drawers or cabinets attached.

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