August 20, 2014

PMG Wine bar has opened in Boulder.“Pour ma gueule” is an expression from the French language that translates roughly to “for my mouth.” It’s also the namesake of the recently opened PMG Wine Bar, which has been delighting patrons since it opened its doors on Aug. 7, 2014. The restaurant, which features predominantly old-world wine, is located at 2018 10th Street in Boulder, Co, in the former location of Beehive.

Emily Gold is the proud owner of the establishment, and she’s certainly at no loss for experience in her role as sommelier. She has studied with Frasca Food and Wine, the Court of Master Sommeliers and Volio Vino, making her more than qualified to design and run PMG. Still, no wine bar would be complete without delicious food to compliment the beverages, and PMG has taken care of that in excellent form with the addition of Salvatore Proia as chef. Featuring dishes like tortellini with butter and sage or seasoned prawns, Proia’s work is a valuable addition to the increasingly attractive PMG.

Oddly beyond her years in her knowledge of wine, Gold is only 27 years old and already disrupting the culinary scene. Having grown up around wine enthusiasts, Gold believes that younger and younger crowds are interested in experiencing a wide array of different vinos. She may be right, as data from the Wine Institute reports that the industry grew 3 percent in America last year. The Daily Camera reports that this brought the total volume consumed in the country to 375.2 million cases that same year.

“Pour ma gueule” is intended as an expression to refer to a personal stash of wine held on to by sommeliers for family and close friends. PMG, however, conveys no air of exclusivity. The recently remodeled interior is warm and inviting, and the food menu ranges from $5 to $24, making it a perfect locale for culinary school students seeking quality food and wine on a budget.