February 3, 2017

Foods You Should Love!

Some people are genetically predisposed to hating cilantro, and it can make the herb taste like dirt or soap to them. But it isn’t the only food that some people in the U.S. can’t stand. Here are some foods you won’t find on a lot of people’s grocery lists:

10. Cilantro

9. LicoriceHealthy fruits and vegetables to add to your diet

8. Mushrooms

7. Mayonnaise

6. Oysters

5. Celery

4. Tofu

3. Cheese Fondue

2. Garlic

1. Brussels Sprouts

Many people claim not to like certain foods, but often this is based on an irrational dislike from childhood or the fact that they haven’t had them prepared in the right way. By refusing to try certain foods, you may be missing out on lots of health benefits, not to mention some meals you might actually enjoy!

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