May 18, 2016

Searing is one of our favorite techniques to whip out when we feel like getting creative with recipes. In this case, searing sweet watermelon on a piping hot skillet caramelizes the exterior and lends a gorgeous smoky flavor we just can’t get enough of. Pair the seared watermelon with a balsamic reduction, creme fraiche and fresh mache for an antipasti that always impresses.

Learn how to make this seared watermelon carpaccio with our online certificate program chef in this step-by-step tutorial. Just in time for summer, this dish is the perfect way to take advantage of leftover watermelon!

Seared Watermelon Carpaccio

1 small watermelon
2 tbsp sugar
8 oz balsamic vinegar
As needed sea salt
As needed white or black pepper


1. Peel and cut watermelon into large planks.
2. In a dry pan, sear watermelon planks until desired color is achieved.

3. Remove melon, add sugar and balsamic to pan, deglaze and reduce to desired consistency.

*Garnish with balsamic reduction, crème fraiche, pickled melons and fresh mache.