Best wine bars in Boulder

Whether you're a resident of Colorado or just happen to find yourself in Boulder sometime soon, be sure to make a point of visiting at least one of the area's more noteworthy wine bars.

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January 26, 2015 3 min read

Best wine bars in BoulderYou don’t need to be a student of Colorado culinary schools to benefit from the areas incredible density of wonderful restaurants. While it’s no secret that there is a great diversity of culinary assets in Colorado, one of its most popular cities boasts an added qualification: a remarkable collection of wine bars. With establishments set to suit a wide array of tastes and price ranges, Boulder has quickly become quite the hot spot for aspiring sommeliers or fans of vino. Whether you’re a resident of Colorado or just happen to find yourself in Boulder sometime soon, be sure to make a point of visiting at least one of the area’s more noteworthy wine bars.

Frasca Food and Wine
If you’re looking not only to enjoy a glass of your favorite red or white, but also want to experience some world class cuisine alongside it, then Frasca Food and Wine is the right choice for you. The restaurant, which is located at 1738 Pearl Street in the city’s downtown district, boasts more than 200 different varieties of wine at any given point. According to YourBoulder, it also always has a sommelier on staff, meaning that you can receive expert advice regarding which wine would pair best with your entree. Offering some of the best Italian food in the entire state, Frasca Food and Wine is one that you can’t afford to miss.

PMG Wine Bar
Another favorite on this list is PMG Wine Bar, which certainly boasts one of the more inventive names you’ll hear for a watering hole. According to 5280, PMG is an acronym for pour ma gueule, which translates from French to mean for my mouth. The sentiment couldn’t be more spot on, as PMG has been delighting it’s patrons with phenomenal cuisine and a brilliant wine list since opening in late summer 2014. The wine aspect of the establishment is run by Emily Gold, an old-world sommelier who has a knack for bringing in libations that are hits with her customers. Her expertise is paired with the cooking of chef Salvatore Proia, who crafts a variety of culinary masterpieces in PMG’s kitchen.

Amaro Drinkery Italia
While Amaro Drinkery Italia shares a similarity with Frasca Food and Wine in that they both serve Italian food, you’ll find an entirely different atmosphere when you enter this establishment. The creation of Alec Shuler, Amaro offers an environment conducive to grabbing a drink before truly starting your night. Small plates of tapas featuring Italian dishes are on offer in a space that frequently hosts live music and entertainment. The true merit of Amaro, though, is found in its wine list, which boasts enough variety that you’ll never have to try the same drink twice. Great service, delicious small plates and a laid-back, semi-casual atmosphere make this a perfect spot for anything from a night out with friends to a first date.

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