June 24, 2014

Haystack Mountain Goat Dairy has re-branded themselves with the Colorado state image.Haystack Mountain Goat Dairy has rebranded its handmade cheese operation with the new Colorado state logo. The logo, which was released last year, is a green and white triangle styled in the nature of the state’s iconic license plates. Since it’s release last year, over 700 businesses have registered to use the image on their product, attaching themselves more visibly to the state in an effort to drive sales.

Haystack, which is based in Longmont, has a strong connection to Boulder County and to Colorado as a state, and feels that this branding will help demonstrate their loyalty to the state, ultimately better targeting the state market. John Scaggs, director of sales and marketing for Haystack, which is now in its twenty-fifth year, elaborated on this to The Washington Times.

“We’re in a fiercely competitive market. So for us to be able to kind of punch through some of that noise in the market and to punch through some of the existing competitors who have been there a long time, it helps us distinguish ourselves,” Scaggs? said.

Scaggs is definitely on to something, as Colorado is pushing hard to drive its new logo to become a household image. The belief seems to be that Colorado can serve as its own marketing tool, forcing its businesses to levels of greater success simply by illustrating their affiliation with the state. As Aaron Kennedy, Chief Marketing Officer for the state of Colorado, explained, Colorado has built most of its reputation on being  a place with beautiful natural landscapes and a budding cultural sphere, but isn’t known well enough for its more industrious points.

“But what it’s not known for is being a great place to start a company or to move here for a world-class career. Part of what we want to convey is the other half. We’re top five in the nation in aerospace, natural foods, energy, quick casual restaurant firms,” said Kennedy.