August 31, 2014

With the legalization of marijuana in Colorado earlier this year, cooks, amateur chefs and culinary students across the state gained the legal right not only to purchase marijuana but also to use it in the creation of edible THC products. These products, while providing an interesting and smoke-free alternative to traditional cannabis use, have raised concern across some circles regarding their potency and use. Many individuals without a comprehensive understanding of the effects of marijuana have overdone their consumption of edibles, leading to bouts of paranoia and elevated heart rates, according to NPR. In response to the desire for moderation of these “special” treats, the state is now requiring that all bakers and food providers include warning labels and instructions on their product packaging.

The Guardian Liberty Voice has reported that regulators, in response to these concerns, have passed a set of emergency rules into legislation that limit each marijuana food product sold to a maximum of 100 milligrams of THC per serving, and require newer, more explicit warning labels. For many shops, these have come in the form of cards made by the Cannabis Business Alliance which are handed out to each customer who purchases an edible marijuana product.

The cards have taken on the slogan of “Start Low, Go Slow,” which means more or less exactly what it sounds like. The effect that THC has on a given individual is different based on the person in question and their metabolic rates, and each person may have a different wait time between consumption and onset. The slogan, then, is a reminder to start with a low dosage and wait for a matter of up to two hours before eating more, to ensure that one does not consume more than they’ll be able to handle.