Pranom spicing up New Year’s Eve in Dallas

Instead, Pranom is a part of an emerging trend in the restaurant industry known as pop-up restaurants, which travel around in search of new clientele to serve.

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January 5, 2015 3 min read

Pranom spicing up New Years Eve in Dallas. For students, teachers and supporters of cooking schools in Texas, few holidays are quite as important as New Year’s Eve. Obviously, the holiday already comes with a considerable amount of fanfare; the dawning of a new year is a wonderfully exciting thing. For these members of the culinary community, however, it means even more than that. New Year’s Eve is a holiday which places an incredible amount of importance on food and drink. The ending of one year and beginning of the next leads people to celebrate lavishly, and what better way to do that than by enjoying some fine cuisine from a great restaurant. For many, this will mean going out to an established favorite eatery or bar. If you’re going to be in Dallas when the ball drops this year, you may want to check out Pranom, a touring restaurant making a stop in the Lone Star State on Dec. 31, 2014.

Run by a man with a name worthy of the dream-like dishes he’s been cooking up all over the country, Pranom is the most recent project of Dream Kasetatad, an actor turned chef who resides in Los Angeles during most of the year. After a brief stint in show business (which included, most notably, an appearance as a minor character on an episode of the popular show Dexter), Kasetatad decided to try his hand at the culinary arts. While Pranom has drawn incredible praise along the West Coast for its wonderful take on classic Thai dishes (pad thai, drunken noodles, etc.), the true glory of Kasetatad’s establishment is that it has no true operational base. Instead, Pranom is a part of an emerging trend in the industry known as pop-up restaurants, which travel around in search of new clientele to serve.

New Years Eve
While being able to catch Kasetatad during any of the restaurant’s stops would be exciting, there’s particularly good reason to be jazzed about the Texas events. In addition to being on New Year’s Eve, Pranom has paired with one of the most popular bars in town to lock down a phenomenal venue. According to the Dallas Observer, Pranom will be popping up in the Ten Bells Tavern on Dec. 31, 2014, serving up food to the masses of party goers sure to come out to celebrate the beginning of the new year. This represents something of a change for Kasetatad, who typically establishes his shop in more accessible public venues so as not to limit his customer base. Still, with the popularity of the Ten Bells Tavern and the flurry of social excitement caused by the holiday, we doubt lack of clientele will be any sort of issue for him. If you’re considering going to check out the Thai fare this New Year’s Eve, you should expect to pay a modest price; most of Kasetatad’s dishes sell for around $12. There will be vegetarian options as well, but be sure to bring cash, as no credit cards will be accepted.

Texas tour
The stop at the Ten Bells Tavern on New Year’s Eve is only one of many southwestern stops that Kasetatad has planned for Pranom. According to CultureMap Dallas, the restaurant will also make stops in Austin, Lubbock, and Albuquerque, New Mexico. Also, if you’re dying to try Dream’s food but have already set your New Year’s Eve plans in stone at another venue, he will be returning to the Ten Bells Tavern one week after the holiday to bring Thai food to the good folks of Dallas once more.

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