Do-nut Miss Out: The 4 Best Doughnut Spots In All Of Austin

Here are the doughnut shops worth rolling toward. 

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November 10, 2015 4 min read
Austin has a slew of tasty doughnut shops across the city.

Austin has a slew of tasty doughnut shops across the city.

As The Washington Post reported, there is a rather intriguing change happening within the greater breakfast industry. As sales of muffins, sandwiches and other breakfast staples tumble, doughnuts have had a huge year in 2015. Companies like Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme have all experienced additional revenue and earnings, with some quarters seeing increase of up to 37 percent compared to previous years. And it’s easy to see why: Doughnuts are a beloved food amongst Americans, something sweet that’s suited for breakfast and snack time alike.

For those culinary students with a hankering for doughnuts, Austin is home to a bevy of shops serving old, classic and new favorites alike. So whether you’re craving a cruller or you simply want to sample something sprinkled, here are the four best doughnut shops in all of Austin:

1. Gourdoughs Doughnuts When it comes to doughnuts, Gourdoughs is something of a local legend, with a number of locations throughout the city. However, if you’re seeking an especially pure donut-eating experience, you’ll want to hit up the trailer on First Street in South Austin. The trailer’s menu may not have Gourdoughs selection of craft beers or tasty sandwiches and burgers, but it does offer every one of the restaurant’s signature doughnuts. That includes The Carney,   which features caramel, apple pie pieces and dry roast peanuts. Or, relive your childhood with Granny’s Pie, a medley of graham crackers, pecans, bananas and caramel. Love doughnut holes? Try the ODB, in which icing-filled holes are rolled in lush coconut.

2. Ken’s Donuts: Located in Central Austin, just outside the campus of the University of Texas, Ken’s Donuts offers a frills-free doughnut-eating experience. Similar in many ways to some old-school bakeries, Ken’s lineup of doughnuts emphasizes classic recipes over more decadent and inventive offerings a la Gourdoughs. Ken’s offers the most classic flavors, like sugar, sour cream, blueberry, raspberry, chocolate, plain cake, lemon and glazed doughnuts. Or, try one of their specialty pastries, like bear claws, apple fritters, eclairs and a couple varieties of cinnamon rolls. Ken’s also has a nice selection of kolaches – puffy pastries that hold fruit or other fillings – and samosas, fried pastry with fillings like potato, cheese or macaroni.

3. Angel Donuts and Treats: A few years ago, the owners of Angel Donuts and Treats – a small group of friends and family who have lived in Austin for some time – were just making doughnuts for one another. But when more and more people started demanding their baked goods, the collective officially went into business, setting up shop on Market Road 620. In that time, Angel has developed a number of sweet signature doughnuts. In addition to a line of glazed doughnuts and flavors like chocolate, maple and strawberry, Angel’s true breadwinners are the maple bacon donuts, a standard maple doughnut adorned with several pieces of fresh, crisp bacon. Angel also sells other doughnut-like treats, including cake balls, eclairs, donut holes and more.

4. Shipley Do-Nuts: The Shipley brand began back in 1936, with a single storefront in Houston. Over the years, Shipley has grown to feature 227 locations across six states, and that rather significant list includes a location in North Austin. Shipley is also the oldest and longest continually running doughnut shop in the entire U.S., and that is certainly exemplified by the massive menu. Shipley offers three main styles of the doughnut. The Yeast Do-Nut is your traditional glazed offering. The Filled Do-Nuts, meanwhile, come filled with chocolate, cream apple or Bavarian. Finally, the Cake Do-Nut features light and fluffy dough for a cake-like experience. Need something to dunk your doughnut into? Shipley also has a few special iced coffees available.

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