Short list: Colorado bakeries you have to try

If you're visiting Colorado any time soon and are looking for a place to fulfill that craving for a perfectly-crafted sweet, then take a look at this list of Colorado bakeries that you absolutely have to try.

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February 27, 2015 3 min read

Bakeries in Colorado that should absolutely be on your must-try list. Everyone from students of Colorado culinary schools to state residents with a formidable sweet tooth benefit from the plethora of pastries, desserts and other sweets available in the Centennial State. If you’re visiting Colorado any time soon and are looking for a place to fulfill that craving for a perfectly-crafted sweet, then take a look at this list of Colorado bakeries that you absolutely have to try.

Rheinlander bakery
This establishment has garnered serious praise from a number of media outlets for its dedication to developing incredible desserts. Located in Arvada, Colorado, Rheinlander Bakery received the esteemed title of the best Denver-area Bakery of 2014 from Denver A-List. Rheinlander Bakery specializes in European cakes and pastries. Much to the delight of its wide customer base, the bakery also makes sure to offer the vast majority of its products in sugar free, gluten free and vegan options. On its website, Rheinlander claims that its entire bakery is trans fat free, making its goods a relatively healthy option as well, which can be a rare find in a bakery.

Boulder Baked
This restaurant has positioned itself as a favorite among residents of Boulder for its innovative and creative desserts, which are frequently rotated to keep things fresh. According to CBS Denver, Boulder Baked has gained the favor of college students in the area by offering delivery to residents of the University of Colorado campus. As a plus, the bakery prepares all of its food to order instead of cooking it in advance, so you can be sure that what you’re getting is always going to be fresh, warm and delicious. The bakery also caters everything from corporate events to weddings to birthday parties. According to its website, Baked Boulder is also trying to expand to Denver in the near future, so it will be accessible to even more of the state’s residents. On its website, Boulder Baked is advertising a fundraising campaign for the inital overhead necessary to make the move, so it may be too early to say that it will happen for sure. But with the incredible flavors delivered by their wonderful baked goods, it seems to be a safe bet that another location would be well recieved by Denver residents!

Trompeau Bakery
If you’re looking for a more casual, laid-back vibe to your bakery experience, then Trompeau Bakery is definitely your speed. Located in Englewood, Trompeau has a small, mom-and-pop feel to it and provides phenomenal treats for those looking for a quick snack. The restaurant also boasts a small, intimate seating area where you can try one of the bakery’s croissants, rolls or other fare. While Trompeau doesn’t offer the fanfare and flash of some of the larger bakeries in the state, they make up for it with the consistent quality of its product, which has long since been delighting residents of Englewood and the surrounding areas.

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