June 19, 2014

By: Leah Eveleigh, Culinary Arts Student & Cutthroat Kitchen Winner

The Journey Has Just Begun

Leah EveleighJust when I thought I was at the peak of my success, winning Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen, my journey continues as I enter a new part of the culinary arts world, the “classroom.” It’s a whole new realm for me and I love challenges, which this culinary program is sure to offer.

I’ve won numerous awards, both locally and nationally, all without formal culinary training. But I’m hungry for more, always evolving, wanting to improve and challenge myself.

I remember how excited I was to receive my cookbook material, Escoffier uniform and knife kit, as it gave me a sense of accomplishment. Only one month in to the culinary school, I am learning new techniques everyday. From making and perfecting the mother sauces to pasta and Boeuf Bourguignon, my palette is introduced to different flavors each day.

It’s an incredible feeling, getting to work with an excellent instructor and exceptional students, all on top of making connections and friends with people who share my passions.

People have asked why I decided to go to culinary school at this point in my career. It comes down to the fact that I want to bring my skills and my craft to the highest level I can. Why Escoffier? The amazing people and staff are all as passionate about cooking as I am. And that’s what I’ve found it comes down to: working with people who are open minded.

So, stay tuned as I fill you in on my journey through this exciting new chapter in my life.