March 20, 2015

baconAccording to ESPN, the Texas Rangers Major League Baseball team is opening two new concession stands this season called the “State Fare” and “Just Bacon.”

State Fare
Attendees of chef schools in Texas will not be surprised to learn that the food served at this new spot will consist mainly of fried delicacies similar to what you would find at the ever-popular Texas State Fair. The team announced that a new star called the “fried s’mOreo” has joined the roster of interesting things you can eat on a stick. This treat is a marshmallow breaded with graham crackers and sandwiched between two Oreos. The entire treat is then deep fried to warm, gooey perfection. Fans and media outlets alike are getting excited about this new stand. NBC Sports Network tweeted that they need to try the S’mOreo immediately. Other fried treats include pickles, funnel cake fries, chicken-fried corn on the cob and brisket macaroni-and-cheese balls. And yes, hot sauce will be available.

Just Bacon
As is clear in the title of this new vendor, everything served from this stand will be bacon-related, including bacon-flavored cotton candy and bacon beer. Last year the team sold bacon on a stick and it was a popular item for fans to munch on while cheering for their beloved Rangers. The team’s food and beverage manager, Shawn Mattox, identified the bacon trend and, upon realizing that it wasn’t going away, decided to go bacon-crazy for the 2015 season. The bacon cotton candy is prepackaged, from Lester’s Fixins. It comes in 1.5 ounce bags and uses entirely artificial bacon flavors. This treat is sweet but savory at the same time. It probably mixes well with a cold beer and the Texas heat.