April 20, 2018

A big part of making a restaurant a success is visibility. Potential customers have to know where an establishment is located and what it has to offer, and these days that means making it easy to find online. Google My Business has emerged as an essential tool for attracting patrons, and anyone working toward a culinary arts certificate online should take note.

How Google My Business can help your restaurant

“Google plays a major role in getting the word out about a business.”

As the most-used search engine on the internet, Google plays a major role in getting the word out about a business. The results that appear when someone uses the local search feature may determine their plans for the evening and can even be the start of a long relationship with a restaurant. The key is to ensure that details about your establishment are readily available and presented in an appealing way.

Google My Business is an opportunity for restaurants and other establishments to offer useful details and show off their personality. This free service allows owners to claim their business and customize its listing as they attempt to draw in new customers. Entries commonly include basic information like hours of operation and food and drink menus, along with intriguing images of popular offerings to capture people’s attention.

Restaurateurs have several options to go further, like creating a website with a custom domain name and information that’s automatically generated and updated from the Google listing. They can add an eye-catching background photo, select their preferred design and include descriptions of their culinary offerings. Posting updates on Google My Business can draw more attention to a restaurant, encouraging people to come in and try tasty new specials or take advantage of a deal.

Hands using laptopKeep your restaurant’s listing up to date.

Best practices to get your establishment noticed

With the right choices, a business owner can optimize a Google listing to bring in more customers. One key step is verifying the listing, which is usually handled by mail and will lead to improved performance. Keeping your information up to date will prevent customers from getting confused about when you’re open or what’s currently on the menu, and including keywords will make your business easier to find.

Using a review feature, diners can provide feedback on their meal. These posts often have a huge impact on a restaurant’s reputation in its community, so it’s vital to monitor them closely and be strategic about responding. A gracious “thank you” will do when you see a positive response, but a negative experience may require deeper engagement.

Read through what the reviewer has to say carefully, and make sure you fully understand the person’s objections, whether they are to the food, service, atmosphere or some other aspect of their experience. Assess the situation of the person who wrote it, since a regular who was disappointed on a single occasion will need a different response from an out-of-town visitor who stopped in only once. Be respectful, empathetic and willing to apologize and do anything you can to address the issue.

Google My Business can also give you useful insights into how your page is performing and potential customers are interacting with it. This data tells you how much traffic your website receives, what photos are most popular, what geographic locations visitors come from and how frequently they request directions to the restaurant. With more information about the people you serve, you can make strategic choices as you strive to make your business a success.

Promotional and tech savvy are major assets to any culinary professional. Knowing how to use resources like Google My Business might make the difference in using your cooking skills to launch a successful eatery.