August 7, 2015
Here are some tips to curate your own brunch.

Here are some tips to curate your own brunch.

In the last couple of decades, brunch has taken the world by storm and is now considered a vital part of the restaurant industry. Austin has some amazing brunch spots to hit. These places have innovative takes on tacos and even incorporate duck into breakfast.

As an Austin student of culinary arts, working the brunch shift is inevitable. But what about perfecting your own brunch? Hosting  can be easier than you think. Here are some tips on how to curate a delightful brunch for your friends and family.

Don’t skimp on the coffee
There are plenty of liquid options at brunch like orange juice, champagne or the combination of the two for a mimosa. However, people still want or need their caffeine. Brew twice as much as you think you’re going to use, just to be safe. Any leftovers can be refrigerated and used for ice coffee for the week.

Are your friends coffee snobs? Impress them by investing in a French press to make cold brew coffee. That way, they can choose between hot or cold, and you won’t be left with groggy guests. Cold brew needs about 12-24 hours to steep so make sure to plan in advance.

Add some summer to your menu
One of the best parts about summer is that seasonal dishes are back. Try making something with fresh produce to elicit that summery feeling, even early in the morning. Everyone knows there is nothing better than seasonal fresh fruit. At this time of year, blueberries are amazing so give these Lemon ricotta blueberry pancakes a try. Sweet pancakes are a brunch favorite so these are the perfect option for your guests.

Having both sweet and savory options during your brunch is necessary. For gardeners, your perfect savory option could be found in your backyard. This Tomato basil tart is an amazing seasonal dish. It uses ingredients right out of your garden: tomatoes and basil. Basil plants thrive in summertime, so make sure everyone is able to get their fix. Try making a Basil vinaigrette to put on the table for anyone who wants to load up on this summer favorite.

Don’t forget about waffles
Whoever told you that you can’t have waffles and pancakes for brunch was very wrong. The Belgian waffle didn’t make its appearance in America until 1962, but after that its popularity skyrocketed to today. Belgian waffles are a brunch staple and are a timeless favorite amongst all ages.

Add this cinnamon roll/waffle hybrid to your menu. This recipe is extremely simple, yet it will certainly woo your guests who have a sweet tooth. It combines a can of Pillsbury Grand’s refrigerated cinnamon rolls and a waffle iron. In addition, you can make your own cream cheese frosting for that extra touch.

Waffles don’t always have to be sweet. Following up on sweet/savory options, this Ham and cheese waffle is the perfect combination of the two. This recipe produces a super light waffle with crispy cheese and ham to round out all the flavors.