December 19, 2018

Have you ever wondered how it’s possible you know what certain things taste like without ever having tested them? How about why it is Fair Food culture has made a turn for deep-fried everything?

Proof, a new podcast series by Bridget Lancaster of America’s Test Kitchen fame, dives deep into some of the food questions you’ve always wanted to know the answers to. From Tiki culture to the rise-and-fall of celery, each episode is a treat as Lancaster gets to the bottom of some delightfully obscure topics.

The show tackles the subjects with the same calculated and well-researched approach America’s Test Kitchen does its recipes. The episodes are smart and entertaining while answering questions like “Do you have to have tasted dirty socks to know what they taste like?” Fair enough.

And in order to answer those questions, the podcast not only taps into its America’s Test Kitchen resources (like test cooks finding out if they do in fact know what dirty socks taste like) but a variety of experts from MIT professors to renowned scientists and chefs.

Bridget Lancaster is a natural behind the mic, and her on-air candor resembles her tv persona. Its friendly, funny and conversational tone makes the 40-minute episodes consistently entertaining from start-to-finish.

One of the things that stands out most in the show, or more accurately doesn’t, is the sponsor ads. Featuring food facts and history tid bits, they flow seamlessly throughout, avoiding that annoying disruptiveness many of your favorite podcasts have. A particular highlight from the sponsorships is the voice of Michel Escoffier, great grandson of Auguste Escoffier, who graciously interrupts the show with chatter about the culinary icon’s life.

New episodes air every Thursday.

Listen to Proof’s episode on Jelly Belly’s Flavor Science here: