June 7, 2014

The emerald ride that is Finnegans Reverse Food Truck collects food from citizens and gives it back to the hungry and needy in Minneapolis.

The charity drive on wheels will be stopping at festivals and local events throughout the summer to collect non-perishables and monetary donations for the hungry, according to National Public Radio (NPR).

The program was launched by Finnegans beer through a partnership with the Emergency Foodshelf Network’s Harvest for the Hungry Program. Nearly 5,700 pounds of food have been donated and delivered to hungry individuals since the beginning of spring, and Finnegans has a goal to raise $50,000 by October, the source reported.

Each dollar that’s raised by Finnegans buys the organization one pound of fresh fruits and vegetables from small family farms and community supported agriculture (CSA) groups, according to NPR. The donations help food shelters spend money on items that are harder to find, such as produce.

NPR reported that the need for emergency food assistance in the state of Minnesota has risen drastically in the last five years as it has across the country, leading to deficits in food pantries and causing people to go hungry.

“In addition to raising funds and collecting non-perishables, we’re also supporting local growers to get organic produce to those in need – and we have a lot of farmers in this area,” said Finnegans CEO Jackquie Berglund. “So the wealth that we create in the community goes back to the community.”