September 3, 2014

Texas Tech University opens new food truckTexas Culinary school students with an interest in entering the burgeoning world of mobile hospitality may want to take a trip down to Texas Tech University in Lubbock. The university has recently cut the ribbon on a campus food truck, making them the first Big 12 school in the history of the conference to boast their own mobile restaurant.

The truck, which made its first appearance at the beginning of August, is already a huge hit with both the university students and the residents of Lubbock, many of whom have actively sought the truck out to sample its cuisine. Run by the school’s hospitality staff, the truck is referred to as ‘StrEat,’ which is an homage to the university eatery of the same name. So far, the truck has featured beef or fish pita tacos and Monte Cristo sandwiches, though there have been indications of menu rotations to occur as frequently as monthly.

The truck operates on a set schedule Monday through Thursday, and then uses varying social media platforms each Friday to alert its followers of its location on campus or around Lubbock. Though the truck is open to both students and the public, students have the option of using their existing meal plans for payment, which makes it a particularly attractive option.

While it’s still too early to determine if food trucks will become a regular staple on Texas Tech’s campus, several individuals close to the situation have indicated confidence in the idea and in potential expansion. David Deason, the associate managing director for Texas Tech hospitality services, elaborated on this sentiment to Lubbock Online.

“I think food trucks are here to stay,” said Deason. “They’re not just a craze, they’re not just a fad.”