September 3, 2021

When choosing a culinary school, you have factors to consider beyond the curriculum and reputation of the school (although those are certainly important!)

You also must decide where you wish to attend school. If you’re relocating for your education, it makes sense to pick an exciting, food-centric city — one that will support both your culinary goals and be a pleasant place to live.

That’s why you should consider the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts campus in Boulder, Colorado. Here’s the proof.

Get An Unparalleled Culinary Education in One of America’s Most Charming Cities

Boulder has many attractions, as we’ll discuss. But if you’re going to culinary school, your #1 priority is the quality of your education. Escoffier is one of the top culinary schools in the nation, consistently ranked among the best for its thorough curriculum, dedicated chef instructors, and approachable price tag.

Escoffier is ranked:

Escoffier’s programs are designed to give future culinarians the core skills they’ll need to become successful. From kitchen basics to advanced techniques, each day builds on the one before it to help students understand why a process works or where a tradition came from.

Beyond the kitchen, students also explore the business side of the culinary industry. Chefs and cooks must understand how to prevent waste, reduce costs, and ensure profitability in order to keep an operation in business. So topics like cost control, accounting, and purchasing are explored in detail in several programs.

Boulder Campus of Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts

For their final course, all students will complete a culinary externship. And in a food-loving town like Boulder and its surrounding area, the opportunities are many! Students can pursue industry externships in high-quality farm-to-table restaurants, catering companies, hotels, and more to improve their technique and start making valuable industry connections.

Jamie Warburton“Everyone is very passionate about what they do here. They are proud of having the ‘Escoffier’ name. Everything that the school stands for—I fell in love with it. I couldn’t see myself going to any other school. There is just something extremely special about Escoffier schools.”
Jamie Warburton, Boulder Pastry Arts Graduate; Line Cook, Kachina Southwestern Grill

Explore Sustainability in the Boulder Farm to Table® Experience

One of the most popular blocks among students at Escoffier is the Farm to Table® experience. This is where students discover the processes of sustainable food production. The goal of the program is to help future culinarians develop respect and appreciation for the food creation process. Ingredients don’t simply appear in a box at the kitchen door!

In Boulder, we are lucky to have some amazing partners that we work with to bring this valuable education to our students, like McCauley Family Farm, Brown’s Farm, and Bookcliff Vineyards. Students get to spend one day per week with one of our partners, getting their hands dirty and learning what really goes into producing our raw materials.

Suzanne Armstrong, Boulder Culinary Arts Graduate“I chose to attend Escoffier primarily because of the Farm to Table® program. I believe in the importance of sustainability and ethical sourcing and wanted to grow more familiar with the farm-to-table philosophy.”Suzanne Armstrong, Boulder Culinary Arts Graduate

Escoffier students attend a weekend workshop

Benefit from a Thrilling Food Scene with Exciting Job Opportunities

Named “America’s Foodiest Town” by Bon Appétit, there’s plenty of opportunities here for both cooking and eating!

Boulder Farmers Market is a wonderful resource for fresh produce and protein from local farms. The market is open on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings, full of fresh local produce, milk, cheese, meat, eggs, bread, and more.

Farm-to-table restaurants like The Kitchen American Bistro, Blackbelly, Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant, and Flagstaff House are some of the best in Boulder—and they’ve all hired Escoffier graduates! There are restaurants here representing cuisines from all over the world… Italian, French, and Spanish. Mexican and Central Asian. Japanese and Tibetan. You can go on a culinary world tour without ever leaving the city.

Pearl Street Mall in Boulder

The Pearl Street Mall in Boulder is packed with great restaurants

Boulder is also rife with breweries, wineries, and distilleries, plus artisan makers of honey, salami, cheese, kombucha, and more. It really feels like whatever you want to eat or make, you’ll find it in Boulder.

And all of this variety means there are dozens of opportunities here both for externships and for jobs once your program is complete.

“Once you learn the correct ways to create something, that’s when you have enough knowledge to explore. I wanted to learn all I could, and that always has to do with education, experience, and curiosity, which I am given here at Escoffier.”
Ramona Brown, Boulder Culinary Arts Graduate

Get R&R Indoors and Out

You love food. And you’re going to be thinking about it a lot during culinary school. But you need a little off time, too.

In Boulder, nature is your playground. The mountains are on your doorstep, ready to be explored. Hiking, mountain biking, fly fishing, tubing, and kayaking can all help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated before your next class.

Boulder hikers in the flatirons

The natural beauty of this town means that many people who come here for culinary school never want to leave.

For some indoor fun, you can go shopping on the Pearl Street Mall, or tour one of the city’s museums. Take in live entertainment at the Dairy Arts Center, or listen to classical music from the Boulder Symphony. Boulder may be a small city, but there’s no shortage of things to do!

Boulder, Austin, or Online. Which Is Right For You?

Boulder has so many advantages that it’s no surprise students want to come here to study.

What if you can’t make it to Boulder? Our Austin campus is just as vibrant and exciting! But you don’t have to travel anywhere to attend culinary school. With Escoffier’s online degree and diploma programs, you can get a culinary education from right where you are—whether that’s in the United States, on a military base, or anywhere else in the world.

If you’re considering your options for culinary school, contact us to talk about which campus—Boulder, Austin, or online—could be right for you.

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