February 7, 2017
Breakfast sandwiches combine eggs and other delicious ingredients.

The breakfast sandwich is hardly a new concept. Restaurants have been placing eggs and an assortment of other delicious items on slices of bread or a croissant for years. However, as Baum + Whiteman pointed out, there has been a recent trend of more daring takes on these morning favorites. If you’re working toward a culinary arts certificate online, take note of some of the most exciting breakfast sandwiches being served today.

Keep it simple
Making a great breakfast sandwich doesn’t require exotic flavors or complex preparation. In the morning, many customers are looking for something familiar and comforting. For that reason, many chefs have found success by sticking to straight-forward versions with high-quality ingredients.

For instance, Food Network explained that James Beard Award-winner Tory Miller serves an item inspired by his own daily routine at Graze in Madison, Wisconsin. A toasted English muffin comes filled with fried egg, summer sausage, avocado, tomato and American cheese. This unassuming, yet irresistible entree is served with a side of mixed greens or hand-cut french fries.

The bacon, egg and cheese bagel at New York City’s Ess-a-Bagel is set apart from similar items in two ways. One is the exceptionally dense and chewy bagel, made by hand. The other is the pile of toppings, including a second layer of cheese – with choices like cheddar, provolone, havarti and fontina – and plenty of bacon.

The Silver Skillet in Atlanta is another eatery with decades of tradition behind its morning offerings. According to Thrillist, the fluffy buttermilk biscuits are one recipe that’s been passed down through generations of the family business. Sandwich lovers can order the biscuits topped with country ham, egg, cheese, lettuce and tomato.

Breakfast sandwiches allow plenty of opportunities for experimentation.Breakfast sandwiches allow plenty of opportunities for experimentation.

Or go over the top
Classic breakfast sandwiches are a fantastic way to start the morning. However, many early risers are looking for something more inventive. Fortunately for these adventurous souls, there are plenty of innovative and buzz worthy combinations out there.

The Daily Dose Cafe in Los Angeles offers two impressive breakfast sandwich options. The Margo includes two scrambled eggs, guacamole, feta, tomato, green onions, serrano peppers and a spicy chipotle sauce on ciabatta. The Real RocknRolla adds another egg, plus sauteed mortadella and toma cheese.

Noodles and broth haven Ivan Ramen in New York City would not be the first place most would think of for grabbing a sandwich in the morning. However, the Slurp Shop location offers an array of tasty items for early risers, like the 8 am ramen and breakfast buns. The buns are a unique spin on the breakfast sandwich, topped by Japanese breakfast sausage, a scallion omelet and yuzu hollandaise sauce.

Breakfast sandwiches are all about finding the perfect balance of ingredients to give patrons a great start to their day. That makes them ideal for culinary academy students looking to experiment.

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