October 16, 2015
Steak is a huge part of Austin's ongoing culinary tradition.

Steak is a huge part of Austin’s ongoing culinary tradition.

Over the years, Austin has developed a reputation of having a rich selection of culinary options. From Italian and German to Japanese fusion and gourmet desserts, there is plenty to eat in the capital city. Yet Austin culinary graduates and other experienced chefs haven’t forgotten the city’s down-home roots, and as a result, hearty steak is yet another dish that Austin does right. Need proof? Here are four good old fashioned steakhouses worth visiting across greater Austin:

1. Austin Land and Cattle: Located at 12th Street and Lamar, Austin Land and Cattle has been serving up steak since 1993. In that time, ALC has attempted to create a dining experience that has a lot in line with many old-school steak houses of the South – comfortable and family-oriented – albeit with a slightly more artsy, free-wheeling vibe. Yet no matter what kind of colorful art pieces adorn the walls, the staff at ALC are distinctly committed to steak. Though ALC serves a number of unique beef cuts – including top sirloin, t-bone and the classic ribeye – what might set them apart is the selection of steak sauces, including creamy chipotle, jalapeno horseradish, chimichurri and roasted garlic.

2. The Original Hoffbrau Steaks: If you want a truly classic Texas steakhouse experience, there is perhaps no better choice than the Original Hoffbrau Steaks. In fact, brothers Tom and Robert Hamby? opened the Hoffbrau back in August 1932, making it one of the oldest such eateries in all of Austin. However, for the first decade of its existence, in the midst of the Great Depression, the Hoffbrau served only beer and crackers and cold cuts. By the end of World War II, though, the brothers Hamby had begun serving steaks to the newly prosperous customers. In that time, the Hoffbrau has kept it simple but tasteful, perfecting the way staff cook traditional cuts like the NY Strip, ribeye and the tenderloin.

3. Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille: Located right in the heart of Downtown, Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille describes itself as being a kind of nexus of Austin, a place where the city’s population of hip young people, music fans and food devotees can meet and mingle. If nothing else, the architecture itself is enough to appeal to almost anyone. For instance, there is the Vault Room, which is the actual vault from an old bank. Or, dine in the main hall, surrounded by a few hundred bottles of French, Italian and Spanish wines. Yet for all that flair, Perry’s does steak as it was intended, serving up fresh cuts of beef like ribeyes and filet mignon – all butchered in-house – with a dash of salt and a signature herb-garlic butter.

4. Steiner Ranch Steakhouse: More than a restaurant, Steiner Ranch refers to a long-thriving community that overlooks the picturesque Lake Travis. The area originally started as a 5,200-acre ranch back in the 1930s before eventually transitioning into the residential community it is today. Yet, the staff of the Steiner Ranch Steakhouse still continue the original ethos of the actual Steiners, championing the values of family friendly service while serving some of the finest cuts of beef in the area. Steiner Ranch dleivers more than just classic porterhouse and pepper steaks grilled to order, though. The restaurant’s other signatures dishes include braised beef short ribs and a filet served alongside crab au gratin and blackened shrimp.

Hungry for even more steak? Be sure to visit Austin for more down-home cuts of beef.