Uncover essential culinary insights on your educational journey! From exploring fundamental cooking skills to effectively managing your finances as a culinary student, your pathway toward excellence starts here.

How Do You Take Virtual Cooking Classes?

With a combo of reading, live sessions, cooking practice, and personalized feedback, virtual cooking classes can be a smart way to learn the culinary arts!

August 25, 2022
Value of Culinary Education 11 min read

Is Culinary School a Waste of Money?

Education in creative pursuits might sometimes seem like a “waste of money.” Learn how culinary school can be a good investment.

August 11, 2022

Culinary Math & Science: Turning Your High School Education Into a Culinary Career

Cooking is a delicious blend of math, chemistry, and biology. Find out how your high school education can help you in your pursuit of a culinary career.

July 29, 2022

How Full-Time, Working Adults Can Succeed in Online Culinary School

With work, school, and family life, you’re juggling a lot! Here are some tips to help you succeed in online culinary school.

July 27, 2022

What Is it Like to Study at a Culinary School?

Find out what it’s like to study at culinary school on campus or online. Learn about the training to start a career as a professional cook.

July 19, 2022

Why Earn an Associate Degree in Culinary Arts?

If you’re interested in a culinary career, an associate degree in the culinary arts could be a great starting point. We explain why.

July 15, 2022
Boulder Student Life 6 min read

Culinary School Social Life: What Culinary Students Do For Fun in Boulder

World-class food, gorgeous scenery, a charming shopping district—there’s no shortage of fun things for culinary students to do in Boulder!

July 12, 2022
Austin Student Life 7 min read

Culinary School Social Life: What Culinary Students Do For Fun in Austin

When Austin culinary school students aren’t in class, they have access to great food, outdoor adventure, and plenty of live music in this hip city.

July 11, 2022

Plant-Based Classes: A Guide to Culinary School for Vegans and Vegetarians

If you keep animal products out of your diet, you may be wondering if you’ll fit in at culinary school. Learn more about culinary school for vegans and vegetarians.

July 4, 2022

Is Getting a Degree in Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Worth It?

Yes it is! Holistic nutrition and wellness is about more than just healthy eating. It could be the first step to an exciting and lucrative career in health!

June 30, 2022
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