September 5, 2018

We reached 500 members with Escoffier's alumni associationThe Escoffier Alumni Association is happy to announce that it has reached over 500 members. Beginning less than a year ago, the group is a platform for graduates to network, share advice, stories and employment opportunities.

The Escoffier philosophy is to prepare its students with their careers and professional goals in mind. The curriculums are focused on hands-on culinary and pastry training as well as educating its students on the business, managerial and operations side of the industry.

A large part of what makes that possible is the school’s Career Services department. In addition to helping students and alumni find employment opportunities, they also put a large emphasis on hosting job fairs, networking opportunities, resume development, and more.

The Escoffier Alumni Association is accessible through both a website and mobile app, a reflection of the school’s commitment to providing convenient and technologically-advanced resources for its students and alumni.

Learn more about the Escoffier Alumni Association or if you’re a graduate looking to join.