January 9, 2017

Escoffier students helped prepare food for over 500+ military personnel and their families.
Each year around the holidays, the Boulder campus invokes the giving spirit of Escoffier and participates in a number of charitable events in the area. This year, students and instructors had the pleasure of preparing and serving lunch for the 233rd Space Group of the US Air Force out of Greeley, CO. The entire event featured over 500 people and was a great learning experience for students on not only community giving but also banquet style cooking for large groups of people.

More details:

On December 4, 2016, a small group of student volunteers, along with chef instructors Michael Miller and Ashlea Tobeck, prepared and served lunch for the U.S. Air Force National Guard 233rd Space Group out of Greeley, CO. Each year, the Family Readiness Group for the unit invites all unit members and their families for a holiday party at the Community Center at Island Grove Regional Park in Greeley. The entire event featured tons of different activities like a visit from Santa for the kids as well as card games for the adults. With the help of the students, instructors, unit members and their families, the volunteers served over 200 pounds of pasta to an estimated 500+ people. Now that’s a job well done!

The Escoffier team had a blast, and we look forward to the next time we get to work with these servicemen and women.