April 14, 2014

By: Helena Stallings, Culinary Arts Student

Although Jazmyn Johnson is in the beginning stages of her program, this is actually her
second time at Escoffier. A few years ago Johnson started the Culinary Arts program, but was
unable to finish it and discouraged to come back. However with the support of her Escoffier
family, Johnson was able to return to school and is determined to graduate. Currently in the
Foundations section of her curriculum, Johnson is happy to be back in the kitchen and ready to
make the most of what Escoffier has to offer.

For many people, both finishing high school or already in the workforce, furthering their
education doesn’t seem like an option. Whether it be financial, family related or a personal
matter, school doesn’t fit in their big picture, but at Escoffier they work as hard for you to get
your education as you do in the kitchens. If you have the passion and the drive to pursue your
dream of being a culinary professional, the Escoffier team is here to help you make that dream a