Cutter Brewer opens Frisco, Texas restaurant

The Dallas Morning News has reported that Cutter Brewer has opened a new restaurant in Frisco.

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January 27, 2015 3 min read
There's a new restaurant in Frisco.

When we think about the skill required to open a restaurant, we often conjure to mind images of long hours spent studying the culinary arts and years of experience working underneath a chef who’s already established. Every now and again, though, we’ll come across an example of someone who may not have had the largest amount of formal training but who seems to be on the right path anyway. Students of culinary schools in Texas may soon have a prime example of this in their state, as The Dallas Morning News has reported that Cutter Brewer has opened a new restaurant in Frisco.

The restaurant
According to Crave DFW, Brewer’s new project is entitled Ace’s Ice House and Chop Shop, and the establishment first opened to the public on Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2015. The eatery is Brewer’s first professional project and is a joint effort between him and Brad Brown. Another chef from Texas, Brown has formerly worked at a handful of high-profile restaurants in the area, most notably Spindle. While the establishment features a variety of culinary styles, the most prominent genre available to consumers is elegantly prepared Texas comfort food. In addition to the traditional favorites like burgers and wings, Ace’s Ice House and Chop Shop is serving inventive takes on classic dishes by incorporating new types of meat. For example, patrons will be able to try venison bites or, if they’re feeling particularly adventurous, quail and waffles.

Brewer has veered far from the conventional road to becoming a restaurant proprietor and chef. While cooking has always been a strong interest of his, it wasn’t until semi-recently that he gained any exposure for his efforts. As an individual who didn’t go to culinary school, Brewer first came into the public eye through appearances on the popular television show, MasterChef. During the 2014 season, Brewer advanced through the ranks of famed chef Gordon Ramsay’s show quickly before being eliminated just shy of the final round. Nonetheless, his charming, guys’ guy persona and propensity for cooking meat in true Texan style won the attention of the public and afforded him the opportunity to gain traction before starting Ace’s. Now, barely a year later, his dream is coming to fruition as his establishment is finally open.

Themes and decor
In keeping with the idea of quality meat cooked to perfection and Texas hospitality, the restaurant exudes a warm and welcoming vibe to all who enter. The interior of the place is done up with a garage and racetrack kind of theme, featuring checkered black and white flag patterns on various furniture and walls. Perhaps the most welcoming aspect of the eatery, is it’s bar which stretches over 55 feet in length. The Dallas Morning News has also reported that Ace’s can hold nearly 200 individuals when filled to capacity. The restaurant is definitely one to keep a close eye on as 2015 rolls by, as it’s expected that a number of new menu items will be debuted in the coming months.

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