August 22, 2014

Jacoby's in Austin is now open.As of Wednesday, Aug. 20, there’s officially one more restaurant open in the Austin culinary scene. Jacoby’s, appropriately named after its owner Adam Jacoby, is located in an old commercial space out on East Cesar Chavez Street that was once an electrical warehouse. Though somewhat heavily remodeled, the space has retained much of the industrial charm that comes along with a repurposed building.

It seems appropriate that Adam is entering the restaurant business, as he comes from a food-intensive background. In addition to being a second generation restaurant-owner, Jacoby is also a fourth generation rancher. His family has been raising their own beef in Melvin, Texas, which sits northwest of Austin, and selling it in a country restaurant for decades. The family has experienced a great deal of success there, with their beef becoming beloved by locals. Now, Austin residents will have the opportunity to experience dishes involving the farm-raised meat in their own town.

Adam Jacoby has partnered with executive chef Philip Anderson to turn his vision of a restaurant into something tangible. According to the Austin Business Journal, Anderson will combine the Jacoby family’s carefully grown meat with his own excellent southern cuisine to create a menu ranging from classic comfort food to high-class fare. Smoked gouda pimento cheese sandwiches and wild boar terrine will be representative of the more extravagant side of the menu, while classics such as chicken fried steak and onion rings will also be available.

Jacoby, who attended the University of Texas-Austin, will also have a bar featuring craft cocktails and a broad selection of drinks. In addition to the restaurant and bar area, the new establishment includes a mercantile store selling classic staples from Jacoby’s farm-based upbringing. Available in the store are jellies, jams, eggs, meats, flowers and home necessities, giving the place a feel of rustic comfort that helps distinguish it in the booming Austin restaurant scene. Students in Austin culinary arts programs are encouraged to try the restaurant for a refreshing change of pace.