March 1, 2015

Texas will be receiving nearly 50 new franchises of a popular burger restaurant.Whether you’ve just passed through the Lone Star State or you’re a permanent resident of the area, you know that the Texas culinary arts scene is all about meat. Though the state has a ton to offer from all aspects of the culinary spectrum, it’s unquestionable that Texas is absolutely leading the pack when it comes to barbecue, burgers and meat. Well, that fact may be about to become even more apparent, as My San Antonio has reported the state will be receiving nearly 50 franchises of a popular burger restaurant shortly. The establishment, Jake’s Wayback Burgers, has already gained footing in other parts of the country and is looking to shake up the palates of Texas burger lovers with its innovative take on the classic American dish.

The restaurant
Jake’s Wayback Burgers got its start on the East Coast, having opened its first restaurant in Newark, Delaware in the early 1990s. Since then, the restaurant has become a successful chain on the Eastern Seaboard as well as in other parts of the nation. According to its website, the restaurant’s primary objective has always been to move away from the trend of overpriced gourmet burgers and simply serve delicious, affordable sandwiches to its customers. In an effort to keep things fresh, the chain also debuts a new ‘burger of the month’ and ‘shake of the month’ regularly.

Expansion to Texas
The restaurant will be making one of its largest expansion ever as it comes to Texas in the near future. According to My San Antonio, Jake’s Wayback Burgers has found a franchisee out of Laredo who will be overseeing the development of 47 separate restaurants across the southern region of the state. The chain currently operates four restaurants in the Lone Star State, with three Jake’s locations in Dallas and one in Laredo. The news surely has Texas burger enthusiasts buzzing at the opportunity to easily access such favorites as the Triple Triple Burger, which has nine beef patties. This move is indicative of the incredible success that Jake’s has experienced in the last seven years; the burger chain had only two locations in 2008 and now operate over 100 franchises, according to the New Haven Register.

Other moves
The emphatic growth of the franchise isn’t only being felt in Texas. In fact, the Register has also indicated that Jake’s has partnered with another East Coast phenomenon, Uncle Willie’s BBQ. Apparently, the deal negotiated between the two companies will involve promotion of the barbecue restaurant to potential franchisees by Jake’s Wayback Burger executives. While the possibility hasn’t been ruled out, as of yet it has been confirmed that there are no plans to host both restaurants in the same locations. It seems unlikely that Uncle Willie’s will be making a southern expansion anytime soon, but if they choose to, the 47 new locations will certainly serve as an asset to them.