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Break up the condiment monotony with these great recipes.

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May 15, 2015 4 min read

a-proposal-could-affect-austin-bbq-restaurants-_1028_40049590_1_14109765_500Backyard barbecues are no longer accompanied only by mustard and ketchup. Instead, a much wider variety of condiments and topics have made their presence known on our taste buds. Here are a few unique varieties to make at home with your Austin culinary arts school skills for your next get-together:

Bacon jam
The bacon trend continues, and we’re not complaining. Dinner with Julie’s author cooks bacon, onion, garlic, coffee and brown sugar in a sauce of balsamic vinegar, mustard and maple syrup for a sweet, chunky sauce that you’ll love on pulled pork, brisket and other BBQ endeavors. If you want a thinner, finer version, simply add the cooled jam to a food processor and pulse until the texture is to your liking.

Avocado cilantro sauce
Kaitlin, blogger behind The Garden Grazer, created this recipe for avocado cilantro sauce to go with Mexican dishes like enchiladas or taquitos, but we think it would be great on a burger. It’s gluten- and oil-free and contains no dairy. Even vegans can enjoy this tasty sauce on their veggie dog or chickpea burger! Just blend cilantro, avocados, garlic, veggie broth and your choice of seasoning (Kaitlin uses cumin and lime but recommends a kick of cayenne or jalapeno if you want to make it spicy). You can make this sauce ahead of time and keep it in the fridge to maintain a thicker consistency.

Classic BBQ RibsPebre
You may have never heard of pebre unless you are Chilean. This tasty condiment is a hit with lovers of spicy food. La Fuji Mama makes it with a veggie base of minced cilantro, chopped scallions and tomatoes, added to olive oil, red wine vinegar and red chili sauce (you can use Sriracha or make your own). Add sea salt, red pepper flakes, garlic and water and be sure to let it marinate for a few hours before eating. Unfortunately, this delicious chili salsa does not last well overnight and is at its best the day it is made. Store it in a glass jar with a lid for best flavor and marinating potential.

Roasted garlic chipotle mayonnaise
Saveur writers enjoy this roasted garlic chipotle mayonnaise with french fries and bacon fritters. You, too can add it to your next batch of fries on the grill. Plus, it’s also great with hot dogs or slathered on a freshly-packed sausage. You can make your own mayonnaise or use a store-bought variety, depending on how much time and effort you want to put into it. Then add toasted garlic cloves to the chipotle peppers, lemon juice and mayo before pouring the mix into a food processor. Pulse the mixture until it reaches your desired thickness or liquidity. Before serving, use salt and pepper to spice the mayo to your liking. You could even add herbs like chopped basil or rosemary for some extra flavor.

Bleu cheese aioli
If you enjoy cheese, you will want to make this sauce as soon as possible. A Family Feast’s bleu cheese aioli is an incredible addition to hamburgers while they are still on the grill or fresh on your plate. It only takes five minutes to whip together mustard, mayonnaise, bleu cheese and garlic in a bowl. You can do it by hand or use an electric mixer. The blog’s recipe makes a total of 2 cups of aioli, or more than enough for you and your three closest friends to pig out during a barbecue. If your entire extended family is over, however, you may want to make a double batch. Store it in a mason jar with the lid on and use a spoon for serving, as the thickness makes pouring unlikely.

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