December 2, 2014

Check out these gifts for the culinary student in your life.There’s a lot of high-tech gadgetry and fun home goods out there for chefs. We’ll help you sort through some of it with our guide to holiday gifts for the chef in your life.

For the design-conscious:
Whether they have a super swanky kitchen that they’re trying to keep minimalist or they just dig the newest, fanciest gadgets, your design-conscious friend will love the EVAK glass storage system. These food-saving containers vacuum seal when you push the handle down. They come in glossy or matte black and white, and are chic enough to sit on the counter while keeping food as fresh as possible.

For the Christmas-lover:
If your chef friend loves Christmas, there’s a good chance they’ll put up a Christmas tree. Give them vegetable ornaments . They’re sure to get a kick out of life-like carrots, tomatoes and peapods.

For a saucy friend:
If you have a pal who is all about salad dressing and sauce, get them an herb infuser. These handy bottles can bring the flavor of an herb garden into any oil or sauce. Just add herbs into the base and let them sit. Some infusers even have a measuring cup at the end, which makes for easy measuring and dispensing when you’re ready to use your concoction. Rosemary olive oil dressing anyone?

For the fashionable flyer:
If you have a traveling friend who enjoys a properly prepared cocktail on the go, try the Carry on Cocktail Kit. The kit contains everything (except the bourbon) they’ll need to make two Old Fashioneds while on the plane, and it will pass through security with flying colors – it’s all contained in a pocket-sized tin. A recipe card, spoon/muddler, linen coaster, cane sugar and even a tiny batch of bitters are included. Now that’s a great gift for a frequent flyer!

For the Austin culinary arts student:
Uncommon Goods has a seriously awesome soup and sandwich tray duo that is great for the culinary arts student in your life. One side is a removable bowl perfect for spicy tortilla soup and the other side holds a mean grilled cheese sandwich or a bowl of ice cream and a slice of mint chocolate brownie. It’ll hold whatever your studious friend has whipped up for lunch! Each set includes two trays and two bowls and is oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

If you want to get a little cheesy:
Cheese is easy to create in any kitchen with a handy cheese kit. If you know your friend loves mozzarella or is a huge fan of brie, get them a kit specialized for that kind of cheese. Many kits allow you to make various kinds of cheese, leaving room for some serious experimentation. A typical kit includes cheese salt, cheese culture, annatto color, calcium chloride, rennet tablets and citric acid – everything except the milk and refrigerator, but there’s a good chance your friend will already have these at home!