November 11, 2022

Online Classes Designed to Cultivate Food Entrepreneurs

As local food trucks, pop-up kitchens, home-based catering operations, and other food-focused start-ups continue their rise in popularity Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, announces the launch of its new Food Entrepreneurship associate degree and diploma programs, designed for enterprising future chefs interested in management or starting a small business.

As the largest accredited provider of online and campus-based culinary training and education in the U.S., Escoffier combines a multidisciplinary culinary curriculum with practical business essentials including emerging marketing techniques, how to create engaging content, and understanding foodservice accounting, promotion, and management.

“We give students the opportunity for a jump-start, immersive-style training and culinary foundation from our experienced chef educators and vast network of seasoned mentors,” said Kirk Bachmann, Escoffier’s Boulder campus president and provost. “We’re in the unique position to give students the culinary skillset and practical business fundamentals in order for them to create a customizable roadmap to launch or manage a small business or start-up.”

Offered through the institution’s award-winning online platform, food entrepreneurship coursework includes hands-on industry externships with a food business of a student’s choosing. This can allow students to build on principles covered in live virtual lessons instruction, gaining experience with restaurants, food trucks, hospitality, food photography, menu design, technical writing and food blogging, nutrition, global issues, and other food business operations. Classes are designed to work around a student’s current employment schedule and include live classroom instruction, recorded sessions and interactive lessons.

“Auguste Escoffier started his culinary journey at age 13, he was a pioneer leading culinary innovation with professional kitchen protocols still followed today. These programs continue Auguste’s disruptive entrepreneurial spirit and give passionate culinarians the tools and resources to bring their food business ideas to life,” said Escoffier president and CEO Tracy Lorenz.

Escoffier’s Food Entrepreneurship Diploma Program covers:

  • Foundational knowledge to pursue careers as restaurant cooks, personal cooks and chefs, caterers, food truck owners, and more.
  • Core business essentials including cost control, supervision, and menu design in addition to culinary techniques.
  • Marketing concepts and promotion through the lens of social media content creation, food writing for blogs, food styling, and photography
  • Applying business principles in the management of operations and private practice.

Food Entrepreneurship Associate (AOS) Degree Program (includes the Diploma foundation and adds):

  • Foodservice accounting and mathematical concepts in business operations.
  • The role of food and its contribution and influence over history, culture, religion, economics, and politics.
  • Application of managerial principles to the workplace.

The new Food Entrepreneurship associate degree and diploma programs add to Escoffier’s lineup including Diploma programs for Culinary Arts, Pastry Arts, Plant-Based Cuisine as well as Associate of Applied Science Degrees in Culinary Arts, Pastry Arts, and Associate of Occupational Studies Degrees (AOS) in Culinary Arts, Baking and Pastry, Plant-Based Culinary Arts, Hospitality and Restaurant Operations Management and Holistic Nutrition and Wellness.

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