July 1, 2020

BOULDER, CO (June 25, 2020) –– More than 1,500 culinary students from Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts’ Boulder campus (residential and distance-learning online programs) gathered this past weekend for a massive virtual graduation ceremony that included pomp, circumstance, and messages of hope, patience, and perseverance. The culinary graduates were treated to an inspirational commencement address from world-renowned chef and restaurateur Thomas Keller.

In addition to Chef Keller’s address, Auguste Escoffier’s great grandson, Michel Escoffier, and fellow Escoffier chef instructors, staff, and student speakers also addressed graduates. Michel Escoffier congratulated students on their hard work and accomplishments.  Escoffier chef instructors and other speakers encouraged graduates to work hard, be humble, passionate, and to never stop learning.

Escoffier culinary graduates from 49 states, Puerto RicoMexicoCanadaIndia, and the United Arab Emirates ranged in age from 18-50 and came together for the virtual ceremony for graduates earning their Culinary Associates, Pastry Associates, Culinary Diploma or Pastry Diploma. Of the 1,509 culinary students, 155 graduated from the Boulder campus residential programs, and 1,354 graduated from the distance-learning online programs.

“We’re so proud of our students; this is an extraordinary group of talented individuals from all across the country who have pushed themselves beyond the classroom and kitchen to get to this important day,” said Tracy LorenzAuguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts president and CEO. “We’re honored to have Chef Thomas Keller share his wisdom and inspirational stories with this next generation of chefs. We know they will be bold, make a difference, and contribute to the culinary industry in their own unique way.”

To enhance graduates’ virtual experience, they received a specially designed graduation celebration kit, which included an Escoffier medallion, lapel pin, chef toque, programs, and special recognition cords for honor students.

All Escoffier culinary graduates are eligible to enroll in Escoffier’s active alumni group:  a free, exclusive life-long platform available to graduates to network, share advice, stories, and employment opportunities. For more information, https://escoffieralumniassociation.com.